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Chimneys can only provide you with years of reliable and safe service but only if you keep them maintained. Here at Humdinger our techs are experts in keeping fireplaces, chimneys, and even dryer vents clean and safe for our clients to use. We’ve developed numerous chimney service options ensuring that our customers can get just the cleaning or repairs they need and nothing more. Our services are affordable, professional, and reliable.

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Signs You Need a Chimney Sweeping

While unattended fires are mostly the main cause of fireplace and chimney related home fires, fireplaces  and chimneys that are not properly and regularly maintained and serviced are a close second. Make sure your fireplace and chimney are inspected annually, preferably in fall or beginning of winter to check for any obstructions from animal nests during spring and summer. That being said, if you recently moved into your home, you may want to schedule a chimney and fireplace inspection any time of year.

  • Smoke fills the room when lighting a fire or while using
  • Your fireplace or home smells like a campfire
  • Your notice or hear animals in your fireplace/chimney
  • You notice or see moisture/rain/water coming from your chimney
  • Your notice alot of creosote  buildup on your fireplace or chimney

Schedule a chimney sweep and inspection appointment with Humdinger as soon as you notice any of these problems.

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